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An article about SENS published in the viewpoint section of EMBO Reports by 28 scientists concluded that none of de Grey's therapies "has ever been shown to extend the lifespan of any organism, let alone humans". The SENS Foundation, of which de Grey was a co-founder, seems to agree with the EMBO Report as it states, "If you want to reverse the damage of aging right now I'm afraid the simple answer is, you can't." Nonetheless, De Grey argues that this reveals a serious gap in understanding between basic scientists and technologists and between biologists studying aging and those studying regenerative medicine. The 24-member Research Advisory Board of his own SENS Foundation have signed an endorsement of the plausibility of the SENS approach.

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EMBO Reports

EMBO Reports is a peer-reviewed scientific journal covering research related to biology at a molecular level. It publishes primary research papers, reviews, and essays and opinion. It also features commentaries on the social impact of advances in the life sciences and the converse influence of society on science. A sister journal to The EMBO Journal. EMBO Reports] was established in 2000 and has been published on behalf of the European Molecular Biology Organization by Nature Publishing Group since 2003.

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