Attack Squadron 163 (United States Navy) - Deployments


from to aircraft carrier air wing tail code area
7 June 1962 17 December 1962 A4D-2 CVA-34 CVG-16 AH-3xx WestPac
1 August 1963 10 March 1964 A-4B CVA-34 CVW-16 AH-3xx WestPac
5 April 1965 16 December 1965 A-4E CVA-34 CVW-16 AH-3xx Vietnam War
26 May 1966 16 November 1966 A-4E CVA-34 CVW-16 AH-3xx Vietnam War
16 June 1967 31 January 1968 A-4E CVA-34 CVW-16 AH-3xx Vietnam War
18 July 1968 3 March 1969 A-4E CVA-19 CVW-21 NP-3xx Vietnam War

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