Atropatene - List of Rulers

List of Rulers

  1. Artabazanes, (fl. 221 BCE), ruled 221 BCE or 220 BCE, a contemporary of Antiochus III the Great.
  2. Mithridates I, (b. 100 BCE - d. ca. 66 BCE), ruled from 67 BCE to ca. 66 BCE, a son-in-law of Tigranes the Great.
  3. Aristobanes I, (b. 85 BCE-d. 56 BCE), ruled from 65 BCE to 56 BCE.
  4. Darius, (b. ca.85 BCE-d. ca.65 BCE), ruled ca. 65 BCE.
  5. Artavasdes I, (b. 65 BCE-d. 20 BCE), ruled from 56 BCE to 31 BCE, a son-in-law of Antiochus I Theos of Commagene.
  6. Aristobanes II, (b. 40 BCE-d. 2 AD), ruled from 28 BCE to 8 BCE, also as Ariobarzan, king of Armenia from 2 BCE or 1 BCE to 2 AD.
  7. Artavasdes II, (b. 20 BCE-d. 4 AD), as Artavasdes III, king of Armenia from 2 AD to 4 AD.

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