Athrotaxis - Species


The three taxa of Athrotaxis are variously treated as three distinct species, or as two species, with the third taxon being a hybrid between the other two. To date, the evidence has been inconclusive, with some data suggesting hybrid origin, but other evidence suggesting the third is distinct and not a hybrid.

  • Athrotaxis cupressoides D.Don. Leaves short, 3-5 mm, adpressed tightly on the shoots. Cones small, 1-1.5 cm, scales with a small bract only covering the centre of the scale.
  • Athrotaxis selaginoides D.Don. Leaves long, 8-14 mm, spreading out from the shoots. Cones large, 2-3 cm, scales with a large bract nearly completely covering the scale.
  • Athrotaxis laxifolia Hook. (? A. cupressoides × A. selaginoides). Leaves short, 4-7 mm, spreading out from the shoots. Cones intermediate, 1.5-2.5 cm, scales with a medium bract covering most of the scale.

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