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Atari Teenage Riot II
... "Atari Teenage Riot II" is the title of a song by the band Atari Teenage Riot from their album, 60 Second Wipeout, and released as a single in 1999 ...
ATR (Atari Teenage Riot Song)
... "ATR" ("Atari Teenage Riot") is a song by Atari Teenage Riot, released as their first single in 1993 ...
List Of Cel-shaded Video Games
... Microsoft Windows Majesco Entertainment 2003 Duel Masters PlayStation 2 Atari Kids Station 2005 ... Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 PlayStation 3, Xbox360 Namco Bandai 2011 ... Ed, Edd n Eddy The Mis-Edventure ... Naruto Rise of a Ninja Xbox 360 Ubisoft 2007 Naruto Ultimate Ninja PlayStation 2 Namco Bandai Games Atari 2008 ... Naruto Ultimate Ninja 2 PlayStation 2 Namco Bandai Games. 2007 Superman Shadow of Apokolips GameCube, PlayStation 2 Atari 2003 Tales of Symphonia GameCube Namco 2004 Tales of the Tempest Nintendo DS Namco Bandai Games 2006 Tales of Vesperia Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 Namco ...

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