Something which is asymmetric displays asymmetry. Specific uses of the term may include:

  • Asymmetric relation for information on such relations in mathematics and set theory
  • Asymmetric warfare for information and theories of modern war
  • Asymmetric synthesis in organic synthesis
  • Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) broadband internet connectivity
  • Public-key cryptography for information on asymmetric cryptography

Other articles related to "asymmetric":

Asymmetric Induction
... Asymmetric induction (also enantioinduction) in stereochemistry describes the preferential formation in a chemical reaction of one enantiomer or diastereoisomer over the other as a result of the influence of a chiral ... Asymmetric induction is a key element in asymmetric synthesis ... Asymmetric induction was introduced by Emil Fischer based on his work on carbohydrates ...
Center For Asymmetric Warfare
... The Center for Asymmetric Warfare (CAW) was established in 1999 ... organizations, in countering and controlling the effects of asymmetric warfare, and in support of the Global War on Terrorism ...
Asymmetric Graph - Examples
... The smallest asymmetric non-trivial graphs have 6 vertices ... The smallest asymmetric regular graphs have ten vertices there exist ten-vertex asymmetric graphs that are 4-regular and 5-regular ... One of the two smallest asymmetric cubic graphs is the twelve-vertex Frucht graph discovered in 1939 ...
Cell Polarity - Vertebrate Development
... The bodies of vertebrate animals are asymmetric along three axes anterior-posterior (head to tail), dorsal-ventral (spine to stomach), and left-right (for example, our heart is on the left side of ... arise within the developing embryo through a combination of several processes 1) asymmetric cell division, in which two daughter cells receive different amounts ... mRNA, proteins), 2) asymmetric localization of specific proteins or RNAs within cells (which is often mediated by the cytoskeleton), 3) concentration gradients of secreted proteins across the embryo such as Wnt ...