Asuka Period - Events


  • 538: The Korean kingdom of Baekje dispatches a delegation to introduce Buddhism to the Japanese emperor.
  • 593: Prince Shōtoku is assigned as regent of Empress Suiko and promotes Buddhism with the Soga clan.
  • 600: Yamato state sends the first official Japanese mission to China since 478.
  • 604: Prince Shōtoku issues a Chinese-style constitution (Seventeen-article constitution), based on Confucian principles, which de facto inaugurated the Japanese Empire.
  • 607: Prince Shōtoku builds the Buddhist temple Hōryūji in Ikaruga.
  • 645: Soga no Iruka and his father Emishi are killed in the Isshi Incident. Emperor Kōtoku ascends to the throne and strengthens imperial power over the aristocratic clans (see Taika Reform), turning their states into provinces.
  • 663: The Japanese navy was defeated by the Silla-Tang allance in Battle of Baekgang, failing to restore Baekje.
  • 670: The first family registry (庚午年籍, Kōgo Nenjaku?) was compiled.
  • 672: Prince Ōama, later Emperor Temmu usurped the throne by winning the Jinshin no Ran (壬申の乱?) civil war against Emperor Kōbun.
  • 689: The Asuka Kiyomihara Code was proclaimed.
  • 701: The Taihō code was proclaimed.
  • 705: The Nisiyama Onsen Keiunkan is founded. It survives to become the oldest known hotel business still in operation, as of 2012.
  • 708: The first Japanese coin (和同開珎, Wadōkaichin?) was minted.

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