• (adj): Out of bed.
    Example: "Are they astir yet?"
    Synonyms: up
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Grob G102 Astir - Variants
... Astir CS The original production version of the Astir, produced up to 1977 (CS = Club Standard) Astir CS77 Production aircraft from 1977, with revised fuselage profile and other ... G102 Astir Designation introduced by Grob for the Astir series in the 1980s, with each successive improvement given the suffix I,II or III etc ... G104 Speed Astir The Speed Astir re-designated ...
Grob Aircraft - Aircraft Types
... by Grob Aerospace GmbH Grob G 102 Astir - single-seat composite construction Standard Class sailplane Grob G 103 - two-seat sailplane G 103 Twin Astir G 103 Twin II (also ... Grob G 104 Speed Astir - single-seat 15 metre Class sailplane Grob G 109 - self-launching two-seat motorglider Grob G 115 - Low wing all-composite two-seat aerobatic monoplane Grob G 120 - Trainer Grob G 140 ...
Grob G102 Astir - Design and Development
... The Astir CS is of composite (fiberglass/resin) construction, has a large wing area, a T-tail and water ballast tanks in its wings ... profile and a slimmer fuselage similar to that of the Speed Astir ... The Astir CS Jeans was similar to the CS 77, but had a fixed mainwheel and a tailskid ...
Grob G104 Speed Astir
... The Grob G104 Speed Astir was a competition sailplane produced in Germany in the late 1970s as Grob's first design in the 15 metre class ... Taking the G102 Astir design as a starting point, the Speed Astir featured a new wing of narrower chord and different section, a fin and rudder of reduced ... The original Speed Astir flew in early 1978, but was replaced in production by the end of the year by a refined design named the Speed Astir II ...
Grob G103 Twin Astir
... The Grob G 103 Twin Astir was a two-seat sailplane developed in Germany in the 1970s by Grob Aircraft AGas a counterpart to the single-seat G 102 Astir then in production ... created by the second seat, Grob devised a novel retraction system for the Twin Astir ...

More definitions of "astir":

  • (adj): On the move.
    Example: "The whole town was astir over the incident"
    Synonyms: about