Ashram (Balmiki)

Ashram (Balmiki)

A Balmiki temple is called an Ashram, which means a hermitage or monastery. It is the communal house for Balmikis. The function of the Ashram is to serve as a center for building up the commitment of devotee’s and for transmitting the Ramayana's message, and the focal point for the whole community to preserve their culture and traditions.

For Balmikis communal prayer is not restricted to the confines of the Ashram, but can in fact take place anywhere as long as The Ramayana is present. However, when an Ashram is not within traveling distance many Balmiki families will have a copy of the Ramayana in a special room at their house which can be used for worship.

When an Ashram is not available Balmikis will hire a public building or use an individual’s house as an Ashram.

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