Ashley Jackson (artist)

Ashley Jackson is a landscape watercolourist. Raised in Barnsley, South Yorkshire he opened his first gallery in 1963. His gallery is located in the heart of the Pennines, Holmfirth. He currently lives in Last of the Summer Wine country, the village of Holmfirth.

His art has been exhibited worldwide and adorns the walls of many people. Jackson was honoured when one of his original watercolours was presented to Bill Clinton, an avid art collector.

Jackson has been featured on television programmes, including a series about him that ran on PBS from 1984-1988 entitled "Ashley Jackson's World of Art," a documentary on Jackson in 1981 entitled "Once in a Lifetime - My Own Flesh and Blood," and also in 2000, a celebratory program entitled "Some Days are Diamond" in recognition of Jackson's sixtieth birthday and his contribution to the arts. Jackson also displayed his ability as a successful television personality when he presented the television show A Brush With Ashley for nine series between 1990 - 2001.

He has also published some books about his technique and style.

2006 – "50 Golden Years " – Dalesman

2000 - "Ashley Jackson's Yorkshire Moors- A love Affair" - Dalesman

1994 - "Painting the British Isles -a watercolourists journey" - Boxtree

1993 - "A Brush With Ashley" - Boxtree

1992 – "Painting in the Open Air" - Harper Collins

1981 - "My Brush With Fortune" - Secker and Warburg

1981 - "Ashley Jackson’s Worlds of Art" - vol. 1,2 & 3 Alexander Art Corporation

1981 - "An Artists Notebook"

Jackson was recently honoured as a Yorkshire Icon, recognising him as a uniquely important and inspirational person to the people of Yorkshire. In addition, in 2009, Yorkshire Bank introduced a debit card decorated with an original painting by Jackson to commemorate their 150th anniversary. Jackson praised the card by stating, "Customers will genuinely have a piece of Yorkshire in their pocket – representing Yorkshire and art wherever they use the card, be it New York, London or Newcastle." To convey his love for Yorkshire, he further added, "The greatest thing about it is Yorkshire, the county of Yorkshire, has helped me to where I am today."

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