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Los Angeles Art Organ Company
... The Los Angeles Art Organ Company was based, as its name suggests, in Los Angeles, California ... Harris Organ Co ... which was reorganized following Harris's ouster from the company ...
Wanamaker Organ - History
... The Wanamaker Organ was originally built by the Los Angeles Art Organ Company, successors to the Murray M ... Harris Organ Co ... It was designed to be the largest organ in the world, an imitation of a full-size orchestra with particularly complete resources of full organ tone including mixtures ...

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    People whose understanding and taste in literature, painting, and music are beyond question are, for the most part, ignorant of what is good or bad art in the theater.
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    And this mighty master of the organ of language, who knew its every stop and pipe, who could awaken at will the thin silver tones of its slenderest reeds or the solemn cadence of its deepest thunder, who could make it sing like a flute or roar like a cataract, he was born into a country without literature.
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