Army of The Moselle - Generals


  • 14 December 1791 – 11 July 1792 – General La Fayette
  • 12 July – 1 September 1792 – Nicolas Luckner, with supreme command of the Army of the Rhine
  • 2 September 1972 – 1 October 1792 – François Christophe Kellermann, subordinate – Charles François Dumouriez until 19 September.
  • 1 October – 7 November 1792 – François Christophe Kellermann, commander of the new Army of the Moselle, subordinate – Charles François Dumouriez until October 5.
  • 8–14 November 1792, interim – général Deprez-Crassier
  • 15 November 1792 – 23 January 1793 – général Beurnonville, subordinate of Adam Philippe Custine
  • 24 January – 28 March 1793 – René Charles Élisabeth de Ligniville, subordinate – Adam Philippe Custine
  • 29 March – 28 April 1793 – Augustin Gabriel d'Aboville
  • 29 April - 2 August 1793 – général Houchard, subordinate – Adam Philippe Custine until May 17, then moved to the high command of the Army of the Rhine
  • 3 August - 29 September 1793, interim – Alexis Balthazar Henri Schauenburg
  • 30 September – Jean René Moreau rejects command
  • 30 September - 30 October, interim – Jacques Charles René Delaunay
  • 31 October 1793 - 18 March 1794 – Lazare Hoche with high command of the Army of the Rhine until January 13
  • 19 March - 2 June – général Jourdan
  • 3 June - 1 July – général Jourdan commanded the armies of the Moselle, Ardennes and the right of the Army of the North, with général Pichegru
  • 2 July 1794 - 9 February 1795, interim subordinate général Michaud July 7 to August 3 – général Moreaux
  • 10 February - 19 April 1795, intérim – général Ambert.

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