Army Knowledge Online

Army Knowledge Online

Army Knowledge Online (AKO) provides web-based enterprise information services to Army, joint, and DoD customers. Enterprise services are provided to these customers on both classified and unclassified networks, and include portal, e-mail, directory, discovery, and single sign-on functionality. All members of the Active Duty, National Guard, Reserves, DA Civilian and select contractor workforce have an account which grants access to Army web assets, tools and services worldwide. In addition, retirees and family members are also entitled to accounts. All users can build pages, create file storage areas, and create and participate in discussion on the portal. AKO provides the Army with a single entry point for access to the Internet and the sharing of knowledge and information, making AKO the Army’s only enterprise collaboration tool operating throughout the Department of the Army (DA) worldwide. AKO has been deemed "the world's largest intranet." One of every two deployed Soldiers accesses the portal daily for mission and personal purposes, and in 2008 AKO recorded its one-billionth login. AKO has also been expanded to the broader DoD community through Defense Knowledge Online, essentially just a rebranding.

AKO is built on the Appian BPM Suite technology. Appian provides the foundation for all information dissemination, knowledge sharing, process management and collaboration across AKO. Users can build custom access control lists for each piece of content they own to determine the audience allowed to see or use their content. AKO currently has 2.3 million registered users, and supports over 350K users logging in up to a million times a day as well as receiving and delivering on average 12 million emails daily.

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