Armored Reconnaissance Battalion

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United States Marine Corps Light Armored Reconnaissance - List of Battalions
... Battalion Name Insignia Nickname Location 1st Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion Highlander Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, California 2nd Light Armored ...
Armoured Reconnaissance Units - United States
... brigades that may or may not have such assets) in the Army has an organic reconnaissance squadron assigned to it ... Each heavy brigade combat team has an armed reconnaissance squadron consisting of three reconnaissance troops and an unmanned aerial vehicle troop ... The reconnaissance troops have two reconnaissance platoons with five M1114 HMMWVs and three M3 Cavalry Fighting Vehicles (a variant of the M2 Bradley ...
List Of United States Marine Corps Battalions - Active Units - Ground Combat Element Battalions - Armor Battalions
... and their equipment, and by conducting light armored reconnaissance and limited offensive and defensive operations ... When task-organized with infantry, tanks, and other forces, the battalion conducts combined arms operations as a separate maneuver element in support of the Marine Division ... Currently, Assault Amphibian battalions utilize the Amphibious Assault Vehicle (AAVP-7A1), though plans are to replace it with the Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle ...
214th Reconnaissance Squadron
... The 214th Reconnaissance Squadron (214 RS) is a unit of the Arizona Air National Guard 214th Reconnaissance Group located at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base ...

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