Armor Piercing Ammunition

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Judge Dredd: Dredd Vs. Death - Weapons - Justice Department Issue Weapons
... It holds six types of ammunition in the same magazine ... When firing Standard ammunition, the Lawgiver can fire 5-round bursts ... Armor Piercing Fires a bullet strong enough to pierce any type of armor or cover (as well as the enemies hiding behind it) ...
Armor-piercing Shot And Shell - Modern Day - Small Arms
... Armor-piercing rifle and pistol cartridges are usually built around a penetrator of hardened steel, tungsten, or tungsten carbide, and such cartridges are often ... energy focused on a minimal area of the target's armor ... Some rounds also use explosive or incendiary tips to aid in the penetration of thicker armor ...
.30-06 Springfield - U.S. Military Cartridge Types
... Armor Piercing, M2 This cartridge is used against lightly armored vehicles, protective shelters, and personnel, and can be identified by its black bullet tip ... by name is one of the performance standards for Type IV body armor ... Armor Piercing Incendiary, T15/M14 and M14A1 This cartridge may be substituted for the M2 armor piercing round and is normally employed against flammable targets ...
Federal Firearms License
... a company to engage in a business pertaining to the manufacture of firearms and ammunition or the interstate and intrastate sale of firearms ... Type 6 Licensed manufacturer of ammunition and reloading components other than ammunition for destructive devices and armor piercing ammunition ... Current registration costs start at $2,250 per year Type 7 Title 1 manufacturer of firearms and ammunition, who may also act as dealer may not manufacture or deal in ...

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    Certain anthropologists hold that man, having discovered tools, ceased to evolve biologically. Animals, never having discovered them, continue to fashion drills out of their beaks, oars out of their hind feet, wings out of their forefeet, suits of armor out of their hides, levers out of their horns, saws out of their teeth. Whether this be true or not, all authorities agree that man is the tool-using animal. It sets him off from the rest of the animal kingdom as drastically as does speech.
    Stuart Chase (1888–1985)

    And as my wit doth best devise,
    Love’s dwelling is in ladies’ eyes,
    From whence do glance love’s piercing darts,
    That make such holes into our hearts;
    And all the world herein accord,
    Love is a great and mighty lord;
    George Peele (1559–1596)