Armenian Refugees

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Azerbaijanis In Armenia - History
... population of about 100,000 was roughly 80 percent Muslim and 20 percent Christian (Armenian) After the incorporation of the Erivan khanate into the Russian Empire in 1828, many Muslims left the area ... itself where they constituted 49% of the population (compared to 48% constituted by Armenians) ... At the time, Eastern Armenian cultural life was centered more around the holy city of Echmiadzin, seat of the Armenian Apostolic Church ...
History Of Aleppo - Demographics - History
... Aleppo's large Christian population swelled with the influx of Armenian and Assyrian/Syriac Christians refugees during the early 20th-century and after the ... After the arrival of the first groups of Armenian refugees (1915–1922) the population of Aleppo in 1922 counted 156,748 of which Muslims were 97,600 (62.26%), native ... The second period of Armenian flow towards Aleppo marked with the withdrawal of the French troops from Cilicia in 1923 ...

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    The exile is a singular, whereas refugees tend to be thought of in the mass. Armenian refugees, Jewish refugees, refugees from Franco Spain. But a political leader or artistic figure is an exile. Thomas Mann yesterday, Theodorakis today. Exile is the noble and dignified term, while a refugee is more hapless.... What is implied in these nuances of social standing is the respect we pay to choice. The exile appears to have made a decision, while the refugee is the very image of helplessness.
    Mary McCarthy (1912–1989)