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Armenians In The Czech Republic - History
... Unlike Armenian communities throughout eastern and central Europe, the Armenian community of the Czech republic is made up entirely of recent immigrants, as there are no previous history of ... the Soviet Union, others fleeing poor economic conditions in the Armenian Republic ... The Armenian Community in the Czech Republic is still growing, as signified with the opening of an Armenian Saturday school in Prague in 1996, the establishment of an Armenian Cultural Center and ...
Armenian American Literature - Geographic Distribution - California
... The first Armenian arrived in California in 1874 and settled in Fresno ... Fresno and the Central Valley in general were the center of California Armenian community, but in the later decades, especially since 1960s, when significant number of Middle ... Los Angeles and the surrounding area is, by far, the most crowded Armenian community in the US ...
Armenians In Poland - Polish-Armenians in The 20th Century
... At the beginning of the 20th century, there were about 6,000 Armenians in Poland living mostly in Eastern Galicia (today Western Ukraine), with centers in Lwów (Lviv), Stanisławów (Ivano-Fra ... Polish-Armenians were an integral part of the movement to restore Poland's independence during World War I ... the rest of Poland's population in World War II, the Polish Armenian community suffered a second loss ...
Armenians In Turkey - Language - Western Armenian, Originally The Istanbul Armenian Dialect
... Western Armenian, (Armenian Արեւմտահայերէն pronounced Arevmedahayeren, Armenian Արեւմտեան աշխարհաբար pronounced Arevmedyan Ashkharhapar, (and earlier known as Armenian ... The Western Armenian dialect was developed in the early part of the 19th century, based on the Armenian dialect of the Armenians in Istanbul, to replace many of the Armenian dialects spoken throughout Turkey ... It was widely adopted in literary Armenian writing and in Armenian media published in the Ottoman Empire as well as large parts of the Armenian Diaspora and in modern Turkey ...
... Armenian-Dutch (Dutch Armeense Nederlanders) are citizens of the Netherlands of Armenian ancestry ... The exact number of Armenians in the country is unknown, since the Dutch Immigration Office only offers data on country of origin ... It is unofficially estimated that about 6,000 to 9,000 Armenians live in the Netherlands ...

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    What I wanted was to create thoughtful citizens—people who believed they could live interesting lives and be productive and socially useful. So I tried to create a community of children and adults where the adults shared and respected the children’s lives.
    Deborah Meier (b. 1931)

    The exile is a singular, whereas refugees tend to be thought of in the mass. Armenian refugees, Jewish refugees, refugees from Franco Spain. But a political leader or artistic figure is an exile. Thomas Mann yesterday, Theodorakis today. Exile is the noble and dignified term, while a refugee is more hapless.... What is implied in these nuances of social standing is the respect we pay to choice. The exile appears to have made a decision, while the refugee is the very image of helplessness.
    Mary McCarthy (1912–1989)