Arlington High School

Arlington High School can refer to one of several American high schools:

  • Arlington High School (Riverside, California)
  • Arlington High School (Arlington Heights, Illinois)
  • Arlington High School (Indianapolis), Indiana
  • Arlington High School (Arlington, Massachusetts)
  • Arlington Senior High School, Saint Paul, Minnesota
  • Arlington High School (Nebraska)
  • Arlington High School (LaGrange, New York)
  • Arlington High School (Arlington, Ohio)
  • Arlington High School (Oregon)
  • Arlington High School (Arlington, Tennessee)
  • Arlington High School (Arlington, Texas)
  • Arlington High School (Arlington, Washington)

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Arlington High School (Arlington, Texas)
... Arlington High School, located in Arlington, Texas, is a secondary school serving grades 9-12 ... It is one of the six high schools comprising the Arlington Independent School District ... The current principal is Jennifer Young the mascot is the Colt and the schools’ colors are Kelly Green and White ...
Arlington High School (Arlington, Massachusetts) - History
... The current Arlington High School, designed by Howard B.S ... Mill Brook still runs underneath the High School to this day ... news documentary shows have been to Arlington High School, including Chronicle, Nightline, and MTV Made ...
Upper Arlington, Ohio - Schools and Other Public Services
... The independent Upper Arlington City School District serves the entire municipality ... As of 2000, the Upper Arlington Board of Education was the city's largest employer ... There is one early childhood school named Burbank, which was built as an elementary but was converted due to a less-than-expected number of students ...

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    Someday soon, we hope that all middle and high school will have required courses in child rearing for girls and boys to help prepare them for one of the most important and rewarding tasks of their adulthood: being a parent. Most of us become parents in our lifetime and it is not acceptable for young people to be steeped in ignorance or questionable folklore when they begin their critical journey as mothers and fathers.
    James P. Comer (20th century)

    It’s a rare parent who can see his or her child clearly and objectively. At a school board meeting I attended . . . the only definition of a gifted child on which everyone in the audience could agree was “mine.”
    Jane Adams (20th century)

    And we who delve in beauty’s lore
    Know all that we have known before
    Of what inexorable cause
    Makes Time so vicious in his reaping.
    —Edwin Arlington Robinson (1869–1935)

    As I walked on the glacis I heard the sound of a bagpipe from the soldiers’ dwellings in the rock, and was further soothed and affected by the sight of a soldier’s cat walking up a cleated plank in a high loophole designed for mus-catry, as serene as Wisdom herself, and with a gracefully waving motion of her tail, as if her ways were ways of pleasantness and all her paths were peace.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)