Arisbe (daughter of Merops)

In Greek mythology, Arisbe was a daughter of Merops of Percote, a seer. In a non-Homeric story, she married Priam, later king of Troy, and bore him a son named Aesacus. Priam subsequently divorced her in favor of Hecuba, daughter of King Dymas of Phrygia. Arisbe then married Hyrtacus, to whom she bore a son named Asius. Ephorus wrote of Arisbe as the first wife of Paris.

The name Arisbe is shared by other characters in Greek myth, including the wife of Dardanus (the daughter of King Teucer of Crete, also called Bateia) and a daughter of Macareus. There was a town named Arisbe in the Troad and another on the island of Lesbos. Arisbe, then, may be an eponym.