Aringa may refer to:

  • Aringa people
  • Aringa language
  • Aringa County

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Yumbe District - Overview
... Yumbe District was established in 2006 when Aringa County was split off Arua District and renamed Yumbe District.The people in the district are still suffering from the effects of the civil war, which lasted ... The Lugbara in Yumbe District speak a dialect called Aringa, which has no written form it is only spoken ... The dialects spoken in the district include Aringa Lugbara (majority), Kakwa, Kuku, Madi and Alur ...
Aringa Language
... Aringa, also known as Low Lugbara, is a Central Sudanic language spoken by the Aringa people in the West Nile region of Uganda ... Aringa is sometimes considered a dialect of Lugbara language, other times a separate language The speakers of Lugbara and Ma'di both consider Aringa to be a separate but ...
Aringa People
... Aringa is an ethnic group in the northwestern corner of Uganda, north of Lake Albert ... They speak Aringa language, a Central Sudanic language ... Aringa, like the neighboring Kakwa people were blamed by other groups in Uganda for doing Idi Amin's "dirty work" in the 1970s ...