Argyle (town), New York - Communities and Locations in The Town of Argyle - Communities


  • Argyle – A village within the town, located on NY-40.
  • Argyle airport (1C3) – A grass strip airport northeast of Argyle village.
  • Durkeeetown – A location at the west town line on County Road 45.
  • Goose Island – A hamlet east of Argyle village on County Road 47.
  • Lick Springs – A location west of South Argyle.
  • North Argyle – A hamlet northeast of Argyle village on NY-40.
  • South Argyle– A hamlet south of Argyle village on NY-40.
  • The Hook – An area on County Road 45 where there were once hotels for travelers along a coach road and recently a restaurant called the Hook Pantry, but it has been converted into a house.

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