ARGOS DSS - The ARGOS Consortium

The ARGOS Consortium

The current member countries of the ARGOS Consortium are (March 2010): Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Ireland, Lithuania, Montenegro, New Zealand, Norway, Poland and Sweden.

The users of ARGOS are national organizations responsible for emergency management. These users have established the ARGOS Consortium with the objective of maintaining and further evolve ARGOS as a state-of-the-art decision support system for emergency response, as well as a network of expertise.

Organizations from a country can get license-free access to all software in the ARGOS suite, but the country must first become a member of the ARGOS Consortium. Membership of the ARGOS Consortium includes an annual membership fee which is used for the future development and maintenance of ARGOS. The membership fees are set relative to a country's GDP, so that countries with a larger GDP pays more than one with a smaller GDP.

The Consortium arranges an annual meeting where all members have equal opportunities to influence the development of the system. The Consortium discusses experiences with ARGOS and decides which new facilities to develop, which new models to include, among others.

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