Area of Responsibility

Area Of Responsibility (AOR) is a pre-defined geographic region assigned to a Combatant commanders of the Unified Command Plan (UCP), that are used to define an area with specific geographic boundaries where they have the authority to plan and conduct operations; for which a force, or component commander bears a certain responsibility. The term may also be used in other countries worldwide but it originated within the United States armed forces. This system is designed to allow a single commander to exercise command and control of all military forces in the AOR, regardless of their branch of service.

The President of the United States signed the U.S. Unified Command Plan (UCP) 2008 on December 17, 2008, establishing the up-to-date boundaries for the newest Command, United States Africa Command (USAFRICOM), and all changes to boundaries of the other Commands.

Combatant commanders may designate theaters of war, theaters of operation, combat zones, and communications zones. Joint force commanders may define additional operational areas or joint areas to assist in the coordination and execution of joint operations. The size of these areas and the types of forces used depend on the scope, nature, and projected duration of the operation.

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Area Of Responsibility - Area of Interest
... The key term of area of interest are particularly of areas that are of interest to the component or force commander the location of friendly and enemy forces, and the capabilities that may be an advantage ... The size of the area of interest normally exceeds the commander’s operational reach, which are mainly stressed within the scope of deep operations ... While the area of interest includes the AO and area of influence, the area of interest may stretch far beyond the other parts of his battlespace ...
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... Both part-time and full-time companies of 11 UDR took over operational responsibility in other areas to relieve the pressure on border battalions who had taken heavy casualties, particularly 2 ...
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... CNFJ's area of responsibility extends from the southern tip of the Kamchatka peninsula to the northern tip of Taiwan, as well as the British Territory of Diego Garcia, but excludes the Korean peninsula ...

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