Arctic Ice

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Polar Meteorology - Areas of Interest - CO2 and Methane
... particular interest to Polar Meteorology because it effects the melting of sea ice ... released into the atmosphere from burning oil, coal and natural gas has acted like a blowtorch on Arctic ice ... A dozen pounds of Arctic sea ice has disappeared for every one-pound of CO2 we have released ...
Climate Change In The Arctic - Modelling, History, and Predictions of Sea Ice
... See also Arctic sea ice ecology and history Computer models predict that the sea ice area will continue to shrink in the future, although recent work has called into question ... climate models frequently underestimate the rate of sea ice retreat ... IPCC reported that "the projected reduction is accelerated in the Arctic, where some models project summer sea ice cover to disappear entirely in the high-emission A2 scenario in the ...
Black Carbon - Impacts - Climate Impacts - Effects On Arctic Ice and Himalayan Glaciers
... the presence of black carbon over highly reflective surfaces, such as snow and ice, or clouds, may cause a significant positive radiative forcing.” The IPCC also notes that emissions from biomassburning ... University of California, Irvine, black carbon is a significant contributor to Arctic ice-melt, and reducing such emissions may be “the most efficient way to mitigate Arctic warming that we ... The “climate forcing due to snow/ice albedo change is of the order of 1.0 W/m2 at middle- and high-latitude land areas in the Northern Hemisphere and over the Arctic ...

Famous quotes containing the words ice and/or arctic:

    Sole and self-commanded works,
    Fears not undermining days,
    Grows by decays,
    And, by the famous might that lurks
    In reaction and recoil,
    Makes flames to freeze, and ice to boil.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)

    The chisel work of an enormous Glacier
    That braced his feet against the Arctic Pole.
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)