Archbishop of St Andrews

Archbishop Of St Andrews

The Bishop of St. Andrews (Scottish Gaelic: Easbaig Chill Rìmhinn) was the ecclesiastical head of the Diocese of St Andrews and then, as Archbishop of St Andrews (Scottish Gaelic: Àrd-easbaig Chill Rìmhinn), the Archdiocese of St Andrews.

The name St Andrews is not the town or church's original name. Originally it was Cellrígmonaid ("church of the king's mounth" hence Cill Rìmhinn) located at Cennrígmonaid ("head of the king's mounth"); hence the town became Kilrymont (i.e. Cellrígmonaid) in the non-Gaelic orthography of the High Middle Ages). Today St Andrews has replaced both Kilrymont (and variants) as well as the older English term Anderston as the name of the town and bishopric.

The bishopric itself appears to originate in the period 700-900. By the 11th century, it is clear that it is the most important bishopric in Scotland.

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Archbishop Of St Andrews - List of Archbishops
... The bishopric of St Andrews was elevated into an Archbishopric in 1472 by Pope Sixtus IV ... in Scotland, and exchange was made with Archbishop Forman of Bourges ... Andrew Forman 1514–1521 Bishop of Moray, Archbishop of Bourges, obtained St Andrews through exchange with Cibo ...

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