Arcade Controller

An arcade controller is a collective set of input devices designed primarily for use in an arcade cabinet. A typical control set consists of a joystick and a number of push-buttons. Less common setups include devices such as trackballs or steering wheels. These devices are generally produced under the assumption that they will be used in commercial settings, such as in video arcades, where they may be heavily or roughly used. Durability is one of the distinguishing characteristics of "authentic" arcade parts when compared with numerous, low-cost arcade imitations designed for private use in the home.

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Arcade Controller - In The Home
... See also Game controller Prior to the 2000s, it was generally accepted that most home consoles were not powerful enough to accurately replicate arcade ... As such, there was correspondingly little effort to bring arcade-quality controls into the home ... Though many imitation arcade controllers were produced for various consoles and the PC, most were designed for affordability and few were able to deliver the ...