Arba'ah Turim

Arba'ah Turim (Hebrew: אַרְבַּעָה טוּרִים‎), often called simply the Tur, is an important Halakhic code, composed by Yaakov ben Asher (Cologne, 1270 - Toledo c.1340, also referred to as "Ba'al ha-Turim", "Author of the Tur"). The four-part structure of the Tur and its division into chapters (simanim) were adopted by the later code Shulchan Aruch.

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Arba'ah Turim - Later Developments
... The best-known commentary on the Arba'ah Turim is the Beit Yosef by Rabbi Joseph Karo this goes beyond the normal functions of a commentary, in that it attempts to review all the relevant authorities and come ... his Beit Yosef and follows the basic structure of the Arba'ah Turim, including its division into four sections and chapters - Tur's structure down to the siman is retained in the Shulchan Aruch ...