AQI can refer to:

  • Air quality index
  • Al-Qaeda in Iraq
  • Australian Questioning Intonation; see High rising terminal
  • AQ Interactive, Japanese video game developer and publisher

Other articles related to "aqi":

Al-Qaeda In Iraq - As Tanzim Qaidat Al-Jihad Fi Bilad Al-Rafidayn - Transformation and Attempted Resurgency
... soldiers, AQI might resurface and attempt mass-casualty attacks to destabilize the country ... During August and October 2009, AQI asserted responsibility for four bombings targeting five government buildings in Baghdad, including attacks that killed 101 at the ministries of Foreign Affairs ... forces in Iraq, General Ray Odierno, AQI "has transformed significantly in the last two years ...
... and invented by Japanese composer AQi Fzono with the cooperation of engineer Michio Kurahashi in 1995 ... AQi Fzono says in one of his interviews that he likes to use it as a random effect machine like an old and huge Buchla modular synthesizer rather than playing tonal scales like a regular Theremin ... was used for the first time in AQi Fzono's 5th solo album "Cosmology" released in 1998 ...
Symphonic Techno
... This term was originally coined by a Japanese composer AQi Fzono to describe the sound of his fifth album Cosmology (1998) ... symphonic arrangement" had existed in the past, Cosmology by AQi Fzono is thought to be the first of its kind that created a total symphonic poem by adopting the suite-like style and associating all the ... the last installment of symphobient Trilogy Cathedral by AQi Fzono released in 1995 ...
Iraq War In Anbar Province - 2007 - Surge
... AQI had its own offensives planned for 2007 ... AQI also began a series of chlorine bombings near Ramadi and Fallujah ... The AQI campaign intensified in January 2007 ...