Approach Condition

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Embodied Cognition - Psychology - Approach and Avoidance
... In research focused on the approach and avoidance effect, people showed an approach effect for positive words ... In the "positive toward condition," participants moved positive words toward the center of the screen and negative words away ... In the "negative toward condition," participants moved negative words toward the center and positive words away ...

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    Such condition of suspended judgment indeed, in its more genial development and under felicitous culture, is but the expectation, the receptivity, of the faithful scholar, determined not to foreclose what is still a question—the “philosophic temper,” in short, for which a survival of query will be still the salt of truth, even in the most absolutely ascertained knowledge.
    Walter Pater (1839–1894)

    Oh! mystery of man, from what a depth
    Proceed thy honours. I am lost, but see
    In simple childhood something of the base
    On which thy greatness stands; but this I feel,
    That from thyself it comes, that thou must give,
    Else never canst receive. The days gone by
    Return upon me almost from the dawn
    Of life: the hiding-places of man’s power
    Open; I would approach them, but they close.
    William Wordsworth (1770–1850)