Appendicular Vein

The appendicular vein is the vein which drains blood from the vermiform appendix.

Veins of the abdomen and pelvis (TA A12.3.09–10, 12, GA 7.672)
To azygos system ascending lumbar (subcostal)
To IVC or left renal vein inferior phrenic · hepatic (central veins of liver, liver sinusoid) · suprarenal · renal · gonadal (ovarian ♀/testicular ♂, pampiniform plexus ♂) · lumbar · common iliac
Common iliac
Unpaired median sacral vein
Internal iliac

posterior: iliolumbar · superior gluteal · lateral sacral

anterior: inferior gluteal · obturator · uterine ♀ (uterine plexus ♀) · vesical (vesical plexus, prostatic plexus ♂, deep of penis ♂/clitoris ♀, posterior scrotal ♂/labial ♀) · vaginal plexus/vein ♀ · middle rectal · internal pudendal (inferior rectal, bulb of penis ♂/vestibule ♀) · rectal plexus
External iliac inferior epigastric · deep circumflex iliac vein
Striolae striola caeruleola · striola viridicula · striola purpuraceola · striola roseola
Portal vein
Splenic short gastric · left gastroepiploic · pancreatic · inferior mesenteric (superior rectal, left colic)
Superior mesenteric right gastroepiploic · pancreaticoduodenal · jejunal · ileal · middle colic · right colic · ileocolic (appendicular)
Direct cystic · left gastric/esophageal · right gastric · paraumbilical


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anat (a:h/u/t/a/l,v:h/u/t/a/l)/phys/devp/cell/prot

noco/syva/cong/lyvd/tumr, sysi/epon, injr

proc, drug (C2s+n/3/4/5/7/8/9)

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