Aperiodic Set

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Aperiodic Tiling - History
... The problem as stated was solved by Karl Reinhardt (mathematician) in 1928, but aperiodic tilings have been considered as a natural extension ... The specific question of aperiodic tiling first arose in 1961, when logician Hao Wang tried to determine whether the Domino Problem is decidable — that is, whether there exists an algorithm for deciding if ... tile it periodically by this he showed that such a decision algorithm exists if every finite set of prototiles that admits a tiling of the plane also admits a periodic tiling ...
Domino Problem
... the domino problem is the problem of deciding whether a set of tiles of a particular kind admits a tiling ... A domino set is a finite set of such plates that may not be rotated or reflected, each colored in a different way ... A domino set is solvable if an infinite plane, ruled by squares of the same size as the dominoes, can be covered by copies of dominoes in the set, with a domino on each square, in such a way that colors on ...

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