Apamea or Apameia is the name of several Hellenistic cities in western Asia, after Apama, the wife of Seleucus I Nicator:

  • Apamea (Babylonia), on the Tigris near the Euphrates, precise location unknown, now in Iraq
  • Apamea (Euphrates), in Osroene, opposite Zeugma on the Euphrates, now flooded by the Birecik Dam, Turkey
  • Apamea (Media), in Media, near Laodicea (Nahavand, Iran), precise location unknown
  • Apamea (Phrygia), formerly Kibotos, commercial center of Phrygia, near Celaenae, now at Dinar, Afyonkarahisar Province, Turkey
  • Apamea (Sittacene), on the Tigris, precise location unknown, now in Iraq
  • Apamea (Syria), on the Orontes River, northwest of Hama, Syria
  • Apamea Myrlea, formerly Myrlea and Brylleion, in Bithynia, on the Sea of Marmara; currently near Mudanya, Bursa Province, Turkey
  • Apamea Ragiana, south of the Caspian Gates in Parthia (later Media); now in Iran

Apamea may also refer to:

  • Apamea (moth genus)

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Apamea, Syria - Notable Residents
... and author) Aristarchus (bishop, one of the Seventy Apostles) Numenius of Apamea (2nd century philosopher) Iamblichus of Chalcis (Neo-Platonist philosopher) Polychronius (bishop, and ...
Apamea (Babylonia)
... Apamea or Apameia (Greek Απάμεια) was an ancient city – and possibly two ancient cities lying close together – of Mesopotamia mentioned by Stephanus of Byzantium and Pliny as ... Apameia) describes Apamea as in the territory of Mesene, and surrounded by the Tigris, at which place, that is Apamea, or it may mean, in which country, Mesene, the Tigris ... Pliny says of the Tigris, that around Apamea, a town of Mesene, on this side of the Babylonian Seleucia, 125 miles, the Tigris being divided into two channels, by one channel it flows to the south and to Seleucia ...
Apamea (Sittacene)
... Apamea or Apameia (Greek Απάμεια) is an ancient Hellenistic city described by Pliny (vi ... It received the name of Apamea from the mother of Antiochus I Soter, the first of the Seleucids Strabo asserts 261 BCE for its foundation ... D'Anville (L'Euphrate et le Tigre) supposes that Apamea was at the point where the Dijeil, now dry, branched off from the Tigris ...
Apamea (Phrygia) - History
... farther down the river, where they founded the city of Apamea (Strabo, xii ... at Magnesia, and two years later the Treaty of Apamea between Rome and the Seleucid realm was signed there ... After Antiochus' departure for the East, Apamea lapsed to the Pergamene kingdom and thence to Rome in 133 BCE, but it was resold to Mithridates V of Pontus, who held it till 120 BCE ...
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... Sopater of Apamea (d ... before 337), was a distinguished sophist and Neoplatonist philosopher ...