Anticiliary Line

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Euchrysops Cnejus - Description
... Fore wing a slender black anticiliary line edged on the inner side narrowly with fuscous dark brown, broader at apex than at the tornal angle ... in the spot in interspace 2 a slender anticiliary black line with an inner narrow margin of diffuse fuscous brown ... the white edging to both series being also lunular both wings have very slender anticiliary black lines, and the hind wing in addition a transverse curved subbasal series of generally ...
Catapyrops Ancyra - Description
... Fore and hind wings anticiliary jet-black lines on the hind wing subterminal subequal black spots in interspaces 1 and 2, beyond which there is a terminal white thread ... If ore wing a pair of short transverse white lines across the middle and another pair at the apex of cell, one on each side of the discocellulars, these latter not extended to the apex but in most ... Between, the transverse pairs of white lines, medial and discal, and between the subterminal series of lunules, the ground-colour is distinctly darker, between the latter and the ...

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