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  • QuickSilver and QuickSilver Lite remailer software are Windows e-mail client applications which send messages through Mixmaster anonymous remailer cascades. The newer Lite version is capable of SSL/TLS but lacks nym server support.
  • OmniMix is a Windows proxy server, which handles e-mail and usenet postings that come from an ordinary client application in a transparent manner and sends them optionally through the Mixmaster anonymous remailer network dependent on its settings or certain header flags. It's able to interact with nym servers, supports SSL/TLS and Tor with all external communication (NNTP/SMTP/POP3), offers a Tor controller and allows header filtering and an automated addition of hashcash tokens. The OpenPGP compliant 'Whole Message Encryption', which, by including the header section, even makes the structure of a message unrecognizable, can automatically secure non-anonymous communication as well.
  • News2Remail is an NNTP to remailer proxy for Windows.

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