Anomalous Magnetic Dipole

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Precision Tests Of QED - Measurements of The Fine-structure Constant Using Different Systems - Low-energy Measurements - Anomalous Magnetic Dipole Moments
... The most precise measurement of α comes from the anomalous magnetic dipole moment, or g−2 ("g minus 2"), of the electron ... To make this measurement, two ingredients are needed 1) A precise measurement of the anomalous magnetic dipole moment, and 2) A precise theoretical calculation of the anomalous magnetic dipole moment in terms of α ... As of February 2007, the best measurement of the anomalous magnetic dipole moment of the electron was made by Gabrielse et al ...
Muon - Anomalous Magnetic Dipole Moment
... The anomalous magnetic dipole moment is the difference between the experimentally observed value of the magnetic dipole moment and the theoretical value predicted by the Dirac equation ... (BNL) studied the precession of muon and anti-muon in a constant external magnetic field as they circulated in a confining storage ring ... The prediction for the value of the muon anomalous magnetic moment includes three parts αμSM = αμQED + αμEW + αμhad ...

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