Annexations of Edmonton - Jasper Place and Sherwood Park

Jasper Place and Sherwood Park

The City of Edmonton initiated a major annexation application in 1962 to absorb the Town of Jasper Place and portions of the Municipal District (M.D.) of Stony Plain No. 84 to the west. The application also proposed to annex a significant amount of the County of Strathcona No. 20 to the south, southeast and east, including industrial lands and Sherwood Park. The decision rendered by the Local Authorities Board in 1964 granted annexation of Jasper Place and the majority of lands sought from the M.D. of Sturgeon No. 84. The decision also enabled annexation of lands from the County of Strathcona No. 20 to the southeast and south, but annexation of Sherwood Park and industrial areas to the east were not approved.

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