Animetal Marathon

Animetal Marathon (アニメタル・マラソン, Animetaru Marason?) is the first full length album released by Japanese novelty heavy metal band Animetal. The covers in this Marathon are of anime from the 1960s and 1970s. A karaoke version of this album was also released. This is also the only studio album to feature the band as a quartet; all other releases have the band as a trio with a guest drummer.

"Gatchaman no Uta," "Combattler V no Theme," "Yuusha Raideen," "Tatakae! Casshan," "Mazinger Z," "Getter Robo" and "Devilman no Uta" were previously recorded as a six-minute marathon and independently released as the band's self-titled 1996 EP. "Uchuu Senkan Yamato," "Umi no Triton," "Great Mazinger," "Tatakae! Polymar," "Tiger Mask," "Babel II" and "Taga Tame ni (Cyborg 009 theme)" were recorded as a separate marathon titled This is Animetal. Majority of this album was mixed with tracks from This is Animetal, Tokusatsu de Ikou!, Animetal Summer, Animetal Lady Sanjo!, Animetal Lady Kenzan and Animetal Lady Marathon and released internationally as This is Japanimetal Marathon.

Some songs in the marathon incorporate guitar riffs from classic hard rock and heavy metal songs. For instance, "Suki da Dangard Ace" uses the intro riff of Led Zeppelin's "Communication Breakdown."

The album cover's unnamed skeleton mascot is a parody of Iron Maiden's Eddie the Head and Megadeth's Vic Rattlehead. He also appears on Animetal Marathon II, Animetal Marathon III and Best of Animetal, as well as the band's singles. A female counterpart is used on Animetal Lady's album covers.

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