Angular Recording Corporation

Angular Recording Corporation is an independent record label originally based in New Cross, South East London. Set up in June 2003 by two ex-Goldsmiths College students, Joe Daniel and Joe Margetts, who reclaimed a local Ordnance Survey Triangulation Station and made it their first artefact: ARC 001. The label's founders claim to have been influenced by a love of angular pop music and the Manchester label Factory Records. Gaining funding through medical testing, Angular Recording Corporation was able to finance its debut release in November 2003, the NME-championed The New Cross : An Angular Sampler.

In the 2011 England riots, the label lost all its stock and entire back catalogue. They made light of a bad situation on their website: 'I just hope the rioters orchestrated this as a KLF-esque commentary on art and the value of commodity. Or maybe they'd seen The Wicker Man and decided to sort us all out with a good old sacrifice to ensure a good harvest next year.'

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