Angloromani Language - Dialectal Variation

Dialectal Variation

Within Anglo-Romani we can find three dialects:

  • Scottish Anglo-Romani (the variant spoken by descendants of Anglo-Romani in Scotland, particularly the Scottish Borders, Edinburgh and Glasgow). Scottish Anglo-Romani is not to be confused with the Scots-based Scottish Cant or the Gaelic-based Beurla Reagaird.
  • North Welsh Romani Kalè
  • South Welsh Romani and English Romani (identical)

These dialects are based on where various groups originally settled when moving to the UK. The members of these groups consider not only their dialects to differ, but also that they are of different ethnic groups. At the time of settlement, these divisions were somewhat reflective of geographic location. They did travel, but until travel became modernized, the migrations were relatively local

There is a certain amount of post-creole continuum in Anglo-Romani. A (ever-dwindling) small population of Romnichals have knowledge of the purer form of English Romani, which was spoken by the Kale of Wales until 1923. These people are able to converse fluently in unbroken English Romani, which is the acrolect that informs the vocabulary of all Angloromani variants.

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