Angel Tales - Characters - Guardian Angels (in Order of Age, Eldest First)

Guardian Angels (in Order of Age, Eldest First)

Yuki (ユキ?) (Snake) Age 18 (19 in second season)
Voiced by: Kyoko Hikami (Japanese), Karen Strassman (English)
Yuki is a strong and calm woman. She usually remains quiet but will give useful advice when called upon. She acts and is seen as a mother to the younger angels. Mika uses "mother" as an insult towards her. Yuki was a white snake in her past life. Yuki is in the Senior rank. She is the bride of Gou the Azure Dragon (Seiryu).
In season 2, Yuki became a goddess. Works and watches over the world especially the animals and Goro. In this season she replaces the previous goddess whom broke one of their rules. As the goddess she became stronger and had a stronger will to take part in the sage's dream.
Her white skin represents a snake's skin. Her name means snow, alluding to the color of her skin and scales. Her color image is blue. In Yuki's past life she died of being burnt to death, because of this she is afraid of fire.
Mika (ミカ?) (Rabbit) Age 17 (18 in second season)
Voiced by: Yukana (Japanese), Wendee Lee (English)
Mika is extroverted and hyperactive. Her over the top antics usually result in her being yelled at by Ayumi and Akane (rabbits have a history of rivalry with turtles and foxes). When she was a rabbit, she died of loneliness, which may account for her current personality of being an attention seeker. Mika is in the Senior rank. Her name means new moon, alluding to myth of the rabbit of the moon. Her color image is orange.
Unlike most of the other angels, she is very clearly romantically attracted to Gorō. Her hairstyle represents a rabbit's ears.
Ayumi (アユミ?) (Turtle) Age 16 (17 in second season)
Voiced by: Ayako Kawasumi (Japanese), Hunter MacKenzie Austin (English)
Ayumi was a turtle in her past life. Because of this, she is always slow to make decisions because she is always thinking ahead. Ayumi always wears a green beret-like hat that symbolizes her turtle-shell in her past life. Ayumi is the bride of Shin the Black Turtle (Genbu), and that he has deep feelings for her, and on an occasion, risked his life to save hers in a collapsing warehouse. It is noted that of the four abducted angels, she returns his feelings the most. Ayumi often scolds Mika and argues with her most of the time. Ayumi is in the Senior rank. Her name means walk. Her color image is black. Ayumi was crushed to death in her past life, so now she is afraid of the dark and small places.
Ran (ラン?) (Goldfish) Age 15 (16 in second season)
Voiced by: Rie Tanaka (Japanese), Michelle Ruff (English)
Ran is a calm and caring girl, though she fears water from her time as a goldfish. Her hairstyle represents a fish's fins. While Gorō was on vacation the air circulation pump stopped and Ran was unable to get enough oxygen and so she drowned, because of this she is afraid of water. Her name means orchid.
Throughout the anime, she gains the most screen time and is used in advertising the show more than the other angels. In fact, the series opens with her death as a goldfish and not the other angels' deaths as pets. She also is romantically in love with Gorō. Also, throughout the anime it's noticed that in cases involving Goro's heart, she often gets very sensitive. Tsubasa also notes and comments upon the fact that Ran's feelings surpass her own, and vows to bring Ran and Goro together. Ran is one of the first 3 angels that appeared in the series. She is in the Senior rank. Her color image is pink.
Tsubasa (ツバサ?) (Parakeet) Age 14 (15 in second season)
Voiced by: Sakura Nogawa (Japanese), Zarah Little (English)
Tsubasa was a parakeet in her past life, she was rescued by Gorō when she broke her wing and he took care of her. She is afraid of heights, this is because after she believed her wing was healed she tried to show her appreciation by showing him her beauty in flight, she tried to fly but fell from the house's window and died. Her hairstyle represents a parakeet's wings.
Tsubasa too has deep feelings for Goro, and she is angry at Rei, the Red Phoenix (Suzaku), who is in love with her but hurt her beloved master. Her name means wing, alluding to her animal self. Her color image is red.
In Season 2 Tsubasa is a girl like non-other. She may be a bit boyish but she still has the characteristics of being a girl or even a woman. Despite of this she still strived for her master and eventually became stronger and became worthy of Goro. Tsubasa is in the Intermediate rank (Senior rank in Season 2).
Kurumi (クルミ?) (Hamster) Age 13 (14 in second season)
Voiced by: Mayako Nigo (Japanese), Sandy Fox (English)
Kurumi was a hamster in her past life. One day she escaped from her cage and went on an adventure, but got lost and was unable to get home, thus she died of starvation, she is now afraid of hunger. Her name means walnut. Her color image is yellow.
In the anime, she has maintained her hamster-instincts i.e.: to eat a lot so that she wouldn't starve to death again. Her hairstyle, bao and mouth shape represent a hamster's ears and mouth. She often says "Nano" at the end of her sentences. She is named after and looks identical to Goro's childhood crush. Kurumi is one of the first three angels that appeared in the series. Kurumi is in the Intermediate rank.
Akane (アカネ?) (Fox) Age 12 (13 in second season)
Voiced by: Saeko Chiba (Japanese), Tricia Dickson (English)
Akane is an introverted and misunderstood girl. She is mature for her age but is very afraid of dogs, even Nana. This is because in her past life she was a fox who died after dogs attacked her and her family and she was shot by a hunter who was hunting her, now she is afraid of loud noises and bright lights. Her name means "red dye". Her color image is purple.
Her pony tail and hair ribbon-ties represent a fox's tail and ears. She appears to be cold but is actually very friendly and warms to Midori more than the other angels. She reveals that she is in love with Goro. Akane is in the Intermediate rank.
Midori (ミドリ?) (Raccoon dog) Age 11 (12 in second season)
Voiced by: Akiko Kobayashi (Japanese), Jessica D. Stone (English)
Midori is often seen with Akane working in an udon store which is a reference to Japanese mythology. In her past life she died of food poisoning, now she is a very picky eater. She and Akane have also been known to shapeshift - a power that tanuki and kitsune have been known to possess in Japanese mythology. She is in the intermediate rank. Her name means green. Her color image is green.
Her hairstyle represents a raccoon's "mask" and tail.
Tamami (タマミ?) (Cat) Age 10 (11 in second season)
Voiced by: Chiaki Osawa (Japanese), Carrie Daniels (English)
Tamami is very catlike and has many catgirl personality traits. She is very hyperactive and has kept her cat-like ability to scale walls with ease. Tamami is the bride of Gai, the White Tiger (Byakko) but says she's too young. It is noted that Gai is protective of her and always tries to help her out of danger. A defining trait of hers is that she's occasionally business-oriented in both seasons. Her name means beautiful gem. Her color image is white.
Whenever you cannot find her she is most likely in a grassy place taking a nap. She is afraid of cars and traffic because in her past life she was a cat who died after she was hit by a car.
Her hairstyle represents a cat's ears and she belongs to the intermediate rank. In the second Season Tamami is in the Senior rank due to her achievements in the human world.
Momo (モモ?) (Monkey) Age 9 (10 in second season)
Voiced by: Aya Hirano (Japanese), Kay Jensen (English)
Momo is shy; this is because while she was alive as a monkey, she was too outgoing and too curious and these traits made her lose her tail and got her electrocuted; now she is a Technaphobe. It is also noted, especially by Nana and Ruru that Momo had a crush on a boy from the neighborhood, called Daisuke, who too had a crush on her. Strangely, her monkey form greatly resembles a tarsier. Her names means peach. Her color image is brown.
Her hairstyle represents a monkey's tail. In season 2 she develops feelings for Goro. She is in the Junior rank. (Intermediate rank in season 2).
Momo is a shy girl that often goes with the flow with anything she is involved with. This is the reason why she can barely express what is on her mind, However she gradually develops courage and self confidence to trust in herself making her able to express her own feelings for Goro Mutsumi.
Nana (ナナ?) (Dog) Age 8 (9 in second season)
Voiced by: Shizuka Hasegawa (Japanese), Lauren Bendik (English)
Nana has a tomboyish personality, and is hyperactive just like in her past life being a dog. She enjoys walks but tends to get lost. Nana belongs to the junior rank. Her color image is light blue. When Nana was still a dog she died of bad pains. Her name means seven.
Her hairstyle represents a dog's ears.
Lulu (ルル?) (Frog) Age 7 (8 in second season)
Voiced by: Mei Shimizu (Japanese), Rachel Hirschfeld (voice actor) (English)
Lulu, being the youngest of the group, is a rather spoiled girl. Her hairstyle and pigtail holders represent a frog's skin and eyes. Lulu died of being too cold, so she is afraid of cold stuff. Her spoiled behavior has earned her the ire of Gou and Gai whenever she does something that contradicts their activities (in Gou's case, she insisted Goro read her a story when he hadn't eaten breakfast and in Gai's, she changed the channel while he was watching an anime), to which she replies that she only obeys Goro which causes them to break into fits which prompts at least Shin to restrain them. Lulu is in the junior rank. Her name means Pearl. Her color image is yellow-green.

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