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Tolstoy (family) - People
... Selivestr Ivanovich Tolstoy (? –1612), Grigory Ivanovich Tolstoy (? –1636), Vasili Ivanovich Tolstoy (? –1649), Andrey Vasiliyevich Tolstoy (? –169. 1971), race walker Viktoria Tolstoy (b. 1974, née Kjellberg), Swedish jazz singer Alexandra Tolstoy (b ...
Ivan Andreyevich Tolstoy
... Ivan Andreevich Tolstoy (Russian Иван Андреевич Толстой) (1644–1713) was a Russian officer in the army of Tsar Peter I ... Ivan Andreevich was a member of prominent Tolstoy family, son of Andrey Vasiliyevich Tolstoy and Solomonida Miloslavskaya, older brother of Pyotr Andreyevich Tolstoy, distant relation of Maria ... The royal relations became very dangerous for brothers Tolstoys after Peter I took the power, as he hated his half-sister Sophia and distrusted all her Miloslavsky relatives ...

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    If I had any doubts at all about the justice of my dislike for Shakespeare, that doubt vanished completely. What a crude, immoral, vulgar, and senseless work Hamlet is. The whole thing is based on pagan vengeance; the only aim is to gather together as many effects as possible; there is no rhyme or reason about it.
    —Leo Tolstoy (1828–1910)