Andrea Molino - Selected Works

Selected Works

  • Three Mile Island (2012), multimedia staged concert for vocal ensemble, instrumental ensemble, live electronics and live video.
  • Of Flowers And Flames (2009), multimedia concert for solo Sarangi (video), symphony orchestra and live video for the 25th anniversary of the Bhopal disaster, in India.
  • un Temps vécu, ou qui pourrait l'être (2007–2008), multimedia staged concert for vocalist, basset horn, percussion, actress, live electronics and live video
  • WINNERS (2005–06), multimedia music action for 2 saxophones, 7 solo percussionists, symphony orchestra, live electronics and live video
  • CREDO (2003–04), multimedia music theatre for vocal and instrumental soloists, actors, large orchestra, live electronics, live video and live satellite connections
  • Drops On A Hot Stone (2001) for instrumental ensemble, live electronics and live video
  • Those Who Speak In A Faint Voice (2000–2001) for solo vocalist, solo saxophone, instrumental ensemble, live electronics and live video
  • Voices (2000) for solo vocalist, instrumental ensemble, live electronics and live video
  • The Smiling Carcass (1998–99) solo vocalist, 2 actors, madrigal ensemble, solo saxophone, ensemble and live electronics
  • Earth and Heart Dances (1997) for 5 percussionists and live electronics
  • Gesti per un tempo di passione (1996) for 14 instruments

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