Andon Dimitrov

Andon Dimitrov - (Ayvatovo, today Liti, Greece - 1867, Sofia, Bulgaria - 1933) (Bulgarian: Андон Димитров) was a Bulgarian 19th-20th century revolutionary. He was among the founders of the Bulgarian Macedonian-Adrianople Revolutionary Committees.

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Andon Dimitrov - Biography
... Dimitrov was born in a rich Bulgarian family in the village of Ayvatovo (now a part of the municipality of Mygdonia in Central Macedonia) ... On October 23, 1893 Dimitrov, together with Hristo Tatarchev, Dame Gruev, Ivan Hadzhinikolov, Petar Poparsov and Hristo Batandzhiev put the beginnings of what would later be known the Internal Macedonian-Adrianople ... Andon Dimitrov was a member of the organization's central committee from its very beginning he was re-voted in the committee in 1896 ...