Anarchist Economics

Anarchist economics is the set of theories and practices of economics and economic activity within the political philosophy of anarchism.

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Economic systems
Ideological systems Anarchist · Capitalist
Communist · Corporatist
Fascist · Georgist
Islamic · Laissez-faire
Market socialist · Mercantilist
Neomercantilism · Participatory
Protectionist · Socialist
Systems Closed (Autarky) · Digital
Dual · Gift · Informal
Market · Mixed · Natural
Open · Planned · Subsistence
Robinson Crusoe economy
Underground · Vertical archipelago
Sectors Public sector · Private sector
Voluntary sector · Common resource pool
Transition Collectivization · Corporatization

Deregulation · Expropriation
Financialization · Liberalization
Marketization · Municipalization
Nationalization · Privatization

Coordination Market · Regulated market

Economic planning · Self-management
Economic democracy · Barter

Indicative planning · Cybernetics
Other types of economies Anglo-Saxon · Corporate capitalism
Feudal · Global · Hunter-gatherer
Newly industrialized country
Palace · Plantation
Post-capitalist · Post-industrial
Social market · Socialist market
Token · Traditional
Transition · State capitalist
State monopoly capitalist
Resource based economy
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... Main article Anarchist economics Anarchist economics is the set of theories and practices of economics and economic activity within the political ... Mutualism is an anarchist school of thought that originates in the writings of Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, who envisioned a society where each person might ... Mikhail Bakunin, the anti-authoritarian sections of the First International, and the early Spanish anarchist movement ...

Famous quotes containing the words economics and/or anarchist:

    I am not prepared to accept the economics of a housewife.
    Jacques Chirac (b. 1932)

    I am an anarchist in politics and an impressionist in art as well as a symbolist in literature. Not that I understand what these terms mean, but I take them to be all merely synonyms of pessimist.
    Henry Brooks Adams (1838–1918)