Ammar (name)

Ammar (name)

Ammar (also spelled Amar; Arabic: عمار‎, ʾAmmār) is an Arabic, Indian, Gothic name and may refer to:

==Given name==*

  • Ammar ibn Yasir, one of the companions of the Islamic prophet Muhammad
  • Ammar al-Basri, 8-th century East Syrian Christian theologian.
  • Amar (singer), British-Indian female singer, active since the 1990s
  • Ammar al-Baluchi, one of the funders of the September 11 attacks
  • Ammar al-Bakri, Iraqi lawyer
  • Amar Gupta, Indian computer scientist
  • Amar Anand, Mongolian politician
  • Ammar al-Hakim, Iraqi politician
  • Ammar Hassan, Palestinian musician
  • Amar Jaleel, Pakistani writer
  • Ammar Jemal, Tunisian footballer
  • Amar Lal, Pakistani politician
  • Amar Osim, Bosnian footballer
  • Ammar Rihawi, Syrian footballer
  • Ammar al-Saffar, Iraqi politician
  • Ammar Siamwalla, Thai economist
  • Ammar Omeragic, IT expert

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