AMM (group)

AMM (group)

AMM is an important British free improvisation group that was founded in London, England in 1965.

AMM have never been well known to the general public, but have been incredibly influential on the field of improvised music. AMM have been called "legendary" and "groundbreaking.", Michael Nyman wrote, "AMM seem to have worked without the benefit or hindrance of any kind of prepared external discipline."

Most of their recordings have been released on Matchless Recordings, which was run by founder member and percussionist Eddie Prévost.

In a 2001 interview, founding member Keith Rowe was asked if "AMM" was an abbreviation; he replied, "The letters AMM stand for something, but as you probably know it's a secret!"

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AMM (group) - Discography
... Elektra UK 256 re-released as a CD together with additional material in 1990 - ReRMegacorp 1967 AMMCommonwealth Institute - 20 April 1967 compilation including AMMCardew/Gare/Prévost/Rowe/Sheaff ... festival, Vendouvre-lesNancy, France on 24 May 2001 Matchless recordings MRCD46 2002 AMMFormanex Eddie Prévost, Keith Rowe, John White, John Tilbury, Laurent Dailleau ... records 2004 ... APOGEE MEV (Alvin Curran, Frederic Rzewski, Richard Teitelbaum) ,and AMM(Prévost/Rowe/Tilbury double CD ...