American Freedom Mortgage - Subprime and Alt-A Mortgage Lending Activities

Subprime and Alt-A Mortgage Lending Activities

At the beginning of 2006, AFM was a leading subprime and Alt-A mortgage correspondent lender and mortgage broker in the United States. Subprime mortgage loans are riskier loans in that they are made to borrowers unable to qualify under traditional, more stringent criteria due to a limited or blemished credit history. Subprime borrowers are generally defined as individuals with limited income or having FICO credit scores below 620 on a scale that ranges from 300 to 850. Subprime mortgage loans have a much higher rate of default than prime mortgage loans and are priced based on the risk assumed by the lender. Alt-A loans are generally prime (i.e., FICO credit scores of 680 or higher) or near-prime (i.e., FICO credit scores from 620 - 679) loans with some form of reduced documentation requirements (e.g., "stated income", "stated assets", "no income verification").

Although most home loans do not fall into this category, subprime mortgages proliferated in the early 2000s. Subprime mortgages totaled US$600 billion in 2006, accounting for about one-fifth of the U.S. home loan market.

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