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Past Reading Series Speakers

Jake Adam York (11/29/2012)

Norma Elia Cantú (11/8/2012

Mat Johnson (10/10/2012)

Paisley Rekdal (9/27/2012)

Steve Tomasula (9/13/2012)

Wayne Miller (4/26/2012)

Robert Coover (4/5/2012)

Percival Everett (3/8/2012)

Tim O'Brien (2/16/2012)

Karen Tei Yamashita (1/26/2012)

John Tytell (12/1/2011)

E. Ethelbert Miller (11/3/2011)

Michael O'Brien (10/13/2011)

Christina Milletti (9/22/2011)

Davis Schneiderman (9/1/2011)

Rolando Hinojosa-Smith (4/21/2011)

Beverly Lowry (3/10/2011)

Kate Bernheimer (2/17/2011)

Rachel Eliza Griffiths (2/9/2011)

Jayne Anne Phillips (1/27/2011)

Ann Weisgarber (11/4/2010)

Amelia Gray (10/21/2010)

Diana Lopez (9/23/2010)

John Dufresne (9/2/2010)

Bret Anthony Johnston (4/22/2010)

Curtis White (3/25/2010)

Jake Silverstein (3/8/2010)

Darlene H. Unrue (2/18/2010)

Charles Johnson (1/28/2010)

Cris Mazza (11/19/2009)

Andrew Porter (10/22/2009)

Tony Diaz (10/1/2009)

George Singleton (9/3/2009)

Ana Castillo (4/30/2009)

Zulfikar Ghose (4/2/2009)

John O'Brien (3/12/2009)

Michael Martone (2/19/2009)

Marjorie Perloff (1/22/2009)

Antonya Nelson (11/20/2008)

Mark Doty (10/21/2008)

Kim Herzinger (8/28/2008)

Farnoosh Moshiri (4/24/2008)

Lance Olsen (4/3/2008)

David M. Oshinsky (2/28/2008)

Tom Williams (1/24/2008)

Robert Phillips (11/15/2007)

R. M. Berry (10/25/2007)

Dagoberto Gilb (9/20/2007)

Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni (8/30/2007)

Andrei Codrescu (5/11/2007)

Raymond Federman (4/12/2007)

Angela Ball (3/8/2007)

Justin Cronin (2/1/2007)

Eric Miles Williamson (11/10/2006)

Graciela Limón (9/13/2006)

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