American Bicycle Association - Special Race Series Past and Current

Special Race Series Past and Current

State Championships

NAG 5 Challenge

  • The National Age Group Five Challenge is a competition formed from the top five National Age group year end finishers of National races. Males 15 to 28 of their respective age divisions are eligible.

Super Bowl Championships

Race of Champions (ROC)

  • This is an invitational only race of the top 10 age and skill level finishers of their state championship series. The state champions get a special number plate with a red background and a white number one. The winner of the single event ROC (which is held the day before the ABA Grandnationals at the same venue) is the champion of that event in his/her age group.

Redline Cup Series

  • The Redline Cup Series are regional championship events that is held mostly for the benefit of the amateur unsponsored racer. These events were created in 1981 and formerly called the United States Gold Cup Championships. Its purpose was to give non factory sponsored amateurs-then as today the great majority of BMX racers-a chance for a national title without having to go through the great expense of touring the country racing in nationals competing against sponsored national caliber racers. It originally was a one-off Jag like Championship race on November 27, 1981 in which the competitors just had to come in the top 100 in their districts to compete. It became a six race qualifying series in 1982 held in conjunction with standard nationals. Like in its inaugural year, the Championships was held the day before the ABA Grand Nationals in Oklahoma as a pre race. In succeeding years the ABA allowed the track operators to choose when to hold the qualifying races and they weren't held at the same time and place as nationals with the finals being held in Las Vegas, Nevada in October. In the year 2001 the ABA changed the name of the U.S. Gold Cup Series to the Redline Cup Series. Redline Bicycles had been sponsoring the Gold Cup Series for the prior six racing seasons. Today the Redline Cup Series Championship or simply the RL Cup, is the second most sought after title in the ABA. The races are a series of over 60 multi-point (double and triple) qualifying races in 35 states in the U.S. and one Canadian Province (2008 edition), which is divided into Western, Central and Eastern regions of approximately 14 to 21 qualifying races in each region. A racer must make the main of anyone of those qualifying races (regardless of where the racer lives) to be invited to race the Western, Central, or Eastern regional finals depending on the location of where they reside in. At that level they must race in the final where they live. For example a racer who lives New Jersey, which is in the Easter Region, is not permitted to race a final in California, which is in the Western region even if he originally qualified in California. That New Jersey qualifier must race in the Eastern final. These regional finals are held in September. The winner of their classes are regarded as their National Age Group (NAG) Champion. There are also Cruiser NAG Champion and Girls NAG Champions. The prizes for the winners are a custom Redline Cup jacket and a golden trophy. All Champions are entitled to run the yellow Redline Cup No.1 plate for the following year at standard district, state/provincial and national events just like the winners of the standard ABA National No.1 plates. In the days of the former U.S. Gold Cup Series there was the United States Gold Cup Championships a.k.a. The Gold Cup East/West Shootout (there were only two regional divisions at the time after it was split into such in 1987) that was held a day or so before the Grand Nationals (and in the same location as the Grand Nationals) to decide the Gold Cup Champion for the entire country. This has been discontinued and no competition between the West, Central and Eastern regional champions to decide an overall national champion are held. In 2007 the RL Cup season was from January 28 to mid August.

ABA World Championships.

ABA Disney Cup.

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