Amelogenin, X isoform is a protein that in humans is encoded by the AMELX gene.

Amelogenin, X isoform is a form of amelogenin found on the X chromosome. Amelogenin X is a member of the amelogenin family of extracellular matrix proteins. When alternative splicing occurs it results in multiple transcript variants encoding different isoforms.

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... Up to date, mutations in the AMELX, ENAM, MMP20, and KLK-4 genes have been found to cause amelogenesis imperfecta (non-syndromic form) ... The AMELX, ENAM, KLK-4 and MMP20 genes provide instructions for making proteins that are essential for normal tooth development. 15q21.3 AI3 130900 FAM83H 8q24.3 AIH1 301200 AMELX Xp22.3-p22.1 Amelogenesis imperfecta can have different inheritance patterns depending on the gene that is altered ...
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... Mutations in the AMELX gene can cause amelogenesis imperfecta, a disorder of tooth enamel development ...